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Of Rains And More | Arti P. | Book Review

  • Author: Arti P.
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1st edition (23 October 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 66 pages

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I Feel Most At Peace When It Is Raining For It Reminds Me That The Sky Is Alive – Taylor Ashley

Of Rains And More by Arti P. is a collection of 55 refreshingly delightful poems on rains and everything about it. These 55 pieces are not bound to any specific structure. However, they stick to one object of love – rain. And that makes this collection riveting and stirring.

Each poem reflects on a gamut of emotions related to rain. Be it its arrival or the farewell, everything in between gets a place in this book. Right from celebrating Rakshabandhan to Independence Day, the book leaves no stone unturned to make its readers reminisce the beautiful rainy season. If you remember the earthly fragrance or maybe, the sound of drizzle, this book would bring back the vibrance of the lost memories and moments.

I specifically loved how the book remained focused on its central theme throughout. I also commend how each verse continues to indulge the readers with a bit of poetry and a lot more nostalgia. Rain means for someone to curl up inside with a book. For others, it might be a motivation to rage against the time and write. The onset of monsoon is loved but you might also remember how seeing the sun peeking through the clouds after many many days of raining gives us a different joy.

The simplicity, as well as the short length of the poems, make reading this book a breezy ride. I wish the author crafted lengthier poems to give me more time to dwell on the monsoon. The writing is lucid but would have been more enticing if it had depth. Nevertheless, it’s an ideal pick for those who would love to read something on the monsoon season.

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