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1000 KMs to Leadership | Mohit Chobey | Book Review

  • Author: Mohit Chobey
  • Publisher: Invincible Publishers; First Edition (3 September 2020
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 160 pages

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As a human who grew up to develop variegated interests, I know it’s hard to juggle multiple things. Despite loving a lot of activities, I cannot usually give my all to them equally. However, that inability didn’t deter me from trying. I believe in lifelong learning and that if we make sincere efforts, we can surely achieve things. If there’s one thing I fear the most in life, it is to compromise and settle for anything without giving my best shot for something else!

1000 kms to Leadership by Mohit Chobey is a book of resilience and perseveration. It is a story that draws parallels between running a business and running a race. As the two activities present themselves in the book, we learn that the highs in life are greater than the lows in life. Self-awareness is a process that would probably never end and you’re supposed to be in it to know yourself better.

This book chronicles how the author, who is a corporate leader, went on to discover his passion for running and wan for Comrades Marathon. He shares a candid account of his journey that is full of valuable lessons. His attempt of juxtaposing his life story with insightful nonfiction content makes 1000 kms to Leadership an enjoyable read.

The author’s story puts forth that ruing over ‘bad’ luck is not the way to move forward. He also says that the athlete in him helped his professional self too, in many inspiring ways. His passion for running and penning down a story that delivers some value reflects in this book. In the end, he has also shared 10 commandments of leadership which remind us of what we have learnt, what we missed, and what is tet to be learned.

If you’re new to self-help books, read this. If you want life lessons from an experienced person with the flavor of s story, read this 🙂

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