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GST for the Layman | Apeksha Solanki | Book Review

  • Publisher: Bloomsbury India (10 June 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 262 pages

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Do you know you can avoid the payment of GST while buying a house?
Do you know that GST is not supposed to be paid on discounts applied to the MRPs of products?
Are restaurants still charging VAT from you?
Is GST applicable to your new e-commerce venture?
Do you know how as a student you encounter GST?

Find out answers to these and many more such daily-life encounters in this book.

GST for the Layman: How It Impacts Your Daily Life is a book for every person who is interested in learning about the new tax introduced in India in 2017. The book covers aspects of GST for everyone-from a homemaker to a student to an entrepreneur. It outlines the basics of the GST law in a simple and interactive manner, complete with illustrations, dialogues and examples, and reveals the impact of this particular tax on various elementary issues, scenarios and industries that one comes across in everyday life.

Additionally, you get a few DIY and other tips that will help you make informed decisions and assist with basic GST compliances.

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Have you been the person worried about GST? Do you think you’re not well equipped with information on the subject? Does GST make you confused?

Well, we have a book here to make you understand everything essential about GST. Read on!

GST for the Layman by Apeksha Solanki is a comprehensive guide on the debated subject of GST. A lot of opinions surround it. From a common man to a politician, everyone continues to discuss if it’s the right thing or not. More often than not, it is found that people are either cursing it or praising it. However, I am not sure if everyone out there has really understood it. I didn’t and I am glad that I came across this book. This tax was introduced in 2017 and still continues to be a hot topic of discussion.

The book breaks down the complexity surrounding GST and explains each point meticulously. Right from its inception to its operation to its structure and application, everything is covered. Coming from a CA, this book does provide some valuable data one would need to thoroughly understand GST. There are certain myths that are debunked, there are certain theories that have been elaborated. There are questions that have been answered, there are queries that have been out to rest. All in all, in the simplest of language, the book gives us a peek into the humongous topic of GST.

In a simple and interactive manner, complete with illustrations, dialogues and examples, the book tells us about the basic of the tax. It further sheds light on its impact on different sectors and industries. Be it education, services, e-commerce, finance, startups, restaurants, the book talks about everything. With precision and lucidity. As the title says, it surely puts across the message comprehensible enough for a newbie in the world of GST.

If you’re interested in knowing about GST, do give it a read.

Buy your copy here:

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