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Breaking The Procrastination Spell: Take a vow to do it NOW | Arwa Rajgarhwala

  • Author: Arwa Rajgarhwala
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 205 pages

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Procrastination is rightly known as the enemy of success and growth. Any individual who regularly procrastinates finds themselves in a pool of misery. They not only earn a bad reputation but also invite more stress. So the author penned down a book to help all of us who tend to procrastinate and land up in trouble, quite frequently.

Breaking the Procrastination Spell is a helpful guide on how one can get past the vicious cycle of postponing our tasks. It breaks down the reason behind one’s procrastination and further explains how one can get over it. We might think procrastination is an easy-peasy thing and we can easily deal with it. However, the stark reality stands much different and we fail to realise it.

In a lucid writing and conversational tone, the author shared anecdotes from her life of being a chronic procrastinator. This might instantly connect with a lot of readers because that is as authentic and raw as it can get. Furthermore, she has shared types of procrastinators and why do they tend to put off their tasks to another day. While the author had suggested around 40+ ways to get rid of procrastination, she has also explained the challenges one might face on their way.

The author is a psychologist and her thorough research was visible in the book. As I progressed with it, I found some key insights into a human’s way of thinking followed by loads of actionable tips. With a meticulous approach and easy to follow hacks, this book can change the lives of the readers. Moreover, I loved the usage of illustrations to substantiate the theoretical points. I know this is a kind of book I’d want to go back to and if the premise sounds fine, do give it a shot, especially beginners in reading and nonfiction.

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