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Dhi’s Oracle of Divine Epiphanies | Saudamini Mishra | Book Review

  • Author: Saudamini MIshra
  • Genre: Self-help
  • Publisher: Writer’s Pocket (2 March 2021)

Book Review

Dhi’s Oracle of Divine Epiphanies by Saudamini Mishra is a beautiful collection of musings and epiphanies covering all spheres of life. It is a book meant to hold your hand and walk you through the varied experiences of life. Without sticking to a particular theme, the quotes in this book touch upon a lot of aspects – love, ambition, relationships, etc. A kind of book you’d want to read for calming your nerves and guiding your messed up lives.

Often, we are stuck in the maze of life. We are born with a clean slate but as we grow up, it starts to fill up with our experiences. After a point, it gets messy and chaotic. It means we’re supposed to clear ourselves and let go of certain weighing down experiences to move forward. This book promises to provide you with a cathartic experience.

Coming to the first thing one would see in a book, the cover, it is very well done. The golden work gives an artistic touch to the book. Moving on to the writing, it is easy and very much comprehensible. Devoid of verbosity, the quotes might resonate with a lot of people because they are coming from a person, who is just like you and me. That makes them relatable. Some of the lessons might seem repetitive if you’ve been following self-help books or similar content. However, some would definitely strike a chord with you to question things within and around you.

Although it’s an easy read, I’d suggest you read it slowly. Probably one page at a time. This would help you in absorbing the content better and simultaneously apply it to your life.

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