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Love Unlove | Isha Snehal | Book Review

  • Author: Isha Snehal
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1st edition (28 January 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 100 pages

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Love Unlove by Isha Snehal is a collection of poems that speak of one of the most celebrated emotions – love. The poems more or less gave a brief idea of different facets of love, heartbreak, world, pain, and healing. Towards the end, the pieces turn out to portray how unloving can bring in much strength and positivity. Although it appears difficult, it can be very liberating.

The poems express how one desires to get the love of their beloved. They want gifts, but simple ones, devoid of grand gestures. They are happy in the company of their loved one, the one who is helping them in feeling good. But with time comes the distance that pains them. The poems delve into this pain and come alive. Then there are poems that talk about polarization, about the depth of love that unites us all, the wrath of nature, and the heartwarming bonds.

I loved the variety of themes in the book. Although the poems focus on one emotion – love, they never hesitate to go beyond the conventional forms of love that usually occupy the spaces in books. Poems in this book have something for everyone, with its encompassing depth.

The highlight of the book for me were the illustrations that perfectly complimented the words. They are simple, neat, and pretty much aesthetic. Each one of them expresses the poem accompanying them, very accurately and precisely. The writing of the author is lucid and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on one’s reading experience. It’s breezy and easy-peasy. Having said that, personally, I felt disconnected with the verses for I didn’t quite find something unique and evocative in them. The emotions and experiences related to love in the book were usual but also relatable. I wish more attention was paid to cover design. I found it pale in comparison to the meaningful words inside of the book.

Nevertheless, the primary message of the book is that one does gain something even after it seems like they lost everything. It is about a positive message and would make a good one-time read.

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Love Unlove

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