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When the Wildflowers Bloom | Rupa Bhullar

  • Publisher: Rupa Publications India (10 March 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 264 pages

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Stories of women trapped in abusive marriages is not an uncommon thing. It is systematic oppression of women that runs deep in the psyche of our society. There are countless women out there who chose to accept abuse as their fate. But for how long can this last? Is there even a way out?

When the Wildflowers Bloom by Rupa Bhullar is an interesting tale of Tara who has been pushed to the brink of surviving her marriage. After an unfortunate event, which possibly looks like the last nail in the coffin, she decides to step out of her 17 years of marriage. As she reconnects with her roots in Amritsar, she finds a renewed hope for her life forward. As she opens herself to opportunities of freedom, growth, and love, she finds one, unexpectedly. Tara’s story might move you or jolt you out of your reveries, it will surely find a place in your heart.

The author has woven an engaging story with a praiseworthy ending. Truth be told, at one point, I felt like the book was reminding me of the movie Thappad. How much I loved it! And so I loved how the climax came up in Tara’s story. With lucid writing and artistic usage of words, this book keeps one flipping the pages of the book. Although the story got predictable for me after a point, I’d commend how beautifully the author had built up the plot leading up to its end.

Tara displays immense courage in accepting her dignity over a loveless marriage. She might have taken a bit too long to realise it, but she did manage to take a bold step in her late thirties. Something which society might see as an immature act. But when life is ours to live, who the society is to decide for us? Let the wildflowers bloom for they are as beautiful and precious as anything else.

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