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Extra Ordinary by Sailee Tiwari

  • Author: Sailee Tiwari
  • Publisher: One Point Six Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (27 January 2021);
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 134 pages

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Extra Ordinary by Sailee Tiwari is a collection of 12 comely short stories that focus on a variety of themes. Be it love, friendship, loss, ambition, nostalgia, hope, or a thing as simple as tea, this book has it all. What struck me was how simple the stories are, in their structure and flavour, and yet it gave me some inexplicable joy to read them.

Each story had a different charm of its own. And most of them ended on a poetic note. They spoke of unadulterated love in many forms, they narrated tales of strangers with opinions on different extremes of the spectrum. They also tell about the loss of a loved one and the warmth of acceptance. They warm your heart just like a cup of tea does and bring you closer to truths we conveniently ignore. Like how the innocence of poverty is something we would simply overlook.

With lucid writing and beautiful expressions, Extra Ordinary would help one in getting out of a reading slump. It might also comfort someone who is simply feeling low. The cover itself is soothing for eyes. Although each story was lovely, I did feel that some things were abrupt in the storytelling. A few things here and there remained hastily executed or incomplete for me. I felt a certain depth or emotional connection missing and some stories were lacking in engaging storytelling. Barring this, this collection would prove to be a good read for beginners.

Purchase your copy of Extra Ordinary by Sailee Tiwari here Paperback

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