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The Dream Voyagers | David Lyons | Book Review

  • Author: David Lyons
  • Publisher: Raven Crest Books (19 July 2015)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 211 pages

Book Review (3)

The Dream Voyagers by David Lyons is a thrilling tale of saving humanity against the clutches of evil. It focuses on Tom, his mysterious friend Anna-Marie, the rainbow twins, a few evil forces, and their fight to protect the underworld. What started off as a story about this, or so I assumed, turned out to be a pleasant surprise that combined love, friendship, intrigue, and juxtaposition of good and bad. Tom has strange dreams of a beautiful woman. His chance encounter and subsequent meetings with Anna-Marie guide him towards his purpose. Would he be successful?

Right from the start, one is hooked and as the pages go further, they cannot stop but gape at the buildup of the plot. I was surely in for a surprise as my assumptions were proven wrong and the story got more interesting. The narration is as good as the well fleshed out characters that brought life to the story. Each small detail was covered wonderfully, each small conversation played out on paper with perfection. Quite honestly, there was not a dull moment.

A perfect blend of fantasy and fiction formed The Dream Voyagers. And by the end, you’d know the reason behind the on-point title as well as a creepy cover. From atmospheric narrative to compelling writing, this book surely leaves a mark on its readers with equal parts banter, fun, mystery, and love. If you’re into fantasy and would love to indulge in some adventure, go ahead and pick this one. It would be a sure shot treat.

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