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It’s A Wonderful Life by Ruskin Bond

  • Publisher: Aleph Book Company (10 April 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 149 pages

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The Blue Umbrella was my first read by Bond that laid the foundation for me becoming a fan of him. A few years down the line and reading 3 (or maybe 4 books by him, to date), I can certainly vouch for the fact that his writing stays with his readers. It is simple, ordinary, and yet connects with readers on a different level. In his words, “I have always tried to achieve prose that is easy and conversational.”

It’s A Wonderful Life found me at the right time, a point where I needed a breath of fresh air while I am still reeling under the news of COVID. Divided into four parts, this immersive book takes us back to some of the cherishing life experiences of Bond. How adeptly he describes the beauty of nature, how subtly he puts forth his message of saving Mother Earth.

Just like the simplicity of his prose, Bond encourages his readers to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Go to bed, wake up to a beautiful day full of hope, make your own bed, have a good breakfast, and live your life to your heart’s content. Things would continue becoming gloomy every now and then but hope can keep us floating. We need it, don’t we?

I smiled when he described his strange encounters, his love for a certain food, his affection for gazing at the star-filled sky, or maybe just having a good nap. I specifically loved it when he explained his emotional connection with a pen and paper. I haven’t used them in a long time to write the way I used to. In between, I got a sneak peek into his favourite works of literature and that was enough to make my heart full. I have annotated this book which I don’t do usually. A good enough reason for me to revisit it when I am feeling low.

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