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The Silent Shot | Harshvardhan Rao | Book Review

  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1st edition (16 February 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 252 pages

Book Review

The Silent Shot by Harshvardhan Rao is a contemporary thriller set around three friends, coming from different walks of life, and an arms deal. Kabir wants the deal between Army and the foreign manufacturer to get through because of monetary gains while Arjun, an army officer, is relentless in his pursuit to quash the deal. And then comes Madhav in the picture with his own mysterious story. How would the three childhood friends go ahead with fulfilling their respective agendas?

It is a simple story that puts forth the corruption that goes behind the arms deals. Not that it is an absolute reality but I do feel the story is inspired from and reflects a part of the true picture. The story further sheds light on the rigmarole of the political system and serves some romance with a tinge of thrill. The writing is simple and the complete text is beginner-friendly. The Silent Shot might appeal to the newbies for the romance, friendships, and palatable thrill.

I felt the plot had certain potential that didn’t come forth fully. The narration fell flat for me and despite it being a thriller, it didn’t hook me at all. While characters are minimal and play their role well, their sketches didn’t come up interestingly. The mystery part was underwhelming and definitely not adventurous. Thrillers have a reputation for keeping their readers at the edge of their seat. It didn’t happen for me here. Nonetheless, there is a story that needs to be read and if the premise interests you, go ahead and read the book.

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