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7 Simple Rules | Sam Sadar | Book Review

  • Author: Sam Sadar
  • Pages: 68
  • Publisher: LetsAuthor (11 May 2021)
  • Language: English

Book Review (1)

I know Covid has taken a huge toll on each one of us. More so, with the gruesome second wave that led to immense grief and pain. Is it possible to get past this virus? Is it possible to live with a happy heart and being? Is it possible to remain sane amid turbulent times?

7 Simple Rules by Sam Sadar is a short book about how one can find a ray of sunshine in the midst of gloominess. These lessons are easily applicable to our lives and would certainly make a teeny tiny difference to them. Nothing too preachy or grand. Just simple lessons to cheer you up and breathe 🙂

The seven rules included in the book are:

1.The formula to think productively and reduce stress
2.The AAA principle to navigate through your problems
3.How to live more fully each day
4.What smart people do to make more money
5.A simple secret to overcome your mental struggles and anxieties
6.How to remove the roadblocks to your potential and success
7.A 3-point strategy for financial security

The book summarizes the last wave of Covid and picks examples to help us deal with the ongoing crisis. Each lesson is substantiated with a real-life example or experiences of the author. This makes them authentic and relatable. I definitely loved the human-interest stories. Their positive core leaves us with hope and liberates us. The writing is straightforward and the entire narrative to the point.

In case, you need something crisp and precise to help yourself, read this one. It’s available on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited users.

Purchase the book here Paperback, Ebook

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