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TRICADE 1990 to 2020: The Decades Of Harmony And Mayhem by Deepak Bhushanam

  • Author: Deepak Bhushanam
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 162 pages

Book Review

Tricade 1990 to 2020 by Deepak Bhushanam is an insightful account of thirty years showcasing how India has evolved in them. It elaborates on several areas that went on to change themselves and contribute to the nation’s development. The book refers to the thirty years as one of the most crucial decades of humanity. As we tread along the narrative, we would know the why and how!

Divided into 21 chapters, the book presents an analytical and interesting account of several crucial subjects such as medicine, workplaces, relationships, music, advertising, farming, etc. Each chapter dedicatedly puts forth how the tricade saw a significant change in the particular sectors and continues to evolve. I loved how the narrative was built and developed to serve the readers with enough information on something as uniques as a tricade and its impact on the country. Each chapter began with a quote and ended with a question for the readers to ponder over. This trajectory of the plot kept me hooked.

I appreciate how the author has diversified this book with a variety of topics. Each one of them is different from one another and yet seem interconnected. The amount of information one would consume through this book goes on to highlight the research put behind creating it. It’s commendable. While the things took birth in the tricade and continue to live on, with certain changes, the transformation has brought about a shift in how we live our lives. With concise writing, the book would certainly appeal to non-fiction lovers.

Wanna go back to the days of your childhood and live them again with everything you’ve left behind? Millennials, pick up this book and revisit the 90s đŸ™‚

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