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Einstein ka Ankaha Siddhhant | S S Raw | Book Review

  • Author: S S Raw
  • Publisher: Indra Publishing House (1 January 2017)
  • Language: Hindi

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Einstein ka Ankaha Siddhhant‘ by S S Raw is a wonderful fiction set around themes of time travel, political tension, lust for power, and fear for some alien force. The book gets interesting as it unfolds before us the mindblowing conversations amongst Einstein, Hawking, and the ex CIA director John Brennan. As these people discuss the imminent world war, we get a decent insight into science, world politics, and so much more.

The author has done a good amount of research to set up such a fascinating premise. Besides that, he ensured keeping the language easy without deviating much from the essence of the narrative. It involves a subtle balance between politics and science while bringing in characters from different generations. It felt good to know their thoughts from the POV of the author.

It’s been quite some time since I read a Hindi novel but this one was a pleasant experience. I particularly enjoyed the banter between Delbert and Brennan. In fact, the majority of conversations were interesting that either sparked an intellectual thought process or gave way to light humour. Amiid this, we get a look into Israel’s working, preparation of wars, while two of the greatest leaders, Obama and Modi, chair their respective positions.

In a nutshell, this book has a good dose of intrigue and thrill. So, if you’re into reading light Hindi fiction mixed with suspense, you might give this one a shot!

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