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Nightwatchman Pvt Ltd | Naveen Kundra | Book Review

  • Author: Naveen Kundra
  • Publisher: ‎Notion Press; 1st edition (26 March 2021)
  • Language: ‎English
  • Paperback: ‎418 pages

Book Review

Last week, I finished reading Nightwatchman Pvt Ltd and oh boy! what a fascinating read it turned out to be. With a blend of politics, love, lust, betrayal, forgery, and ambition, this book panned out to be one hell of a ride for me.

Nightwatchman Pvt Ltd by Naveen Kundra is a contemporary fiction set around Dhan Nagari, the Great State, and the power play. Sanjay is an ambitious man who goes on to become an entrepreneur after a failed marriage and growing conflict with his superior. However, becoming one is never easy. The journey is fraught with challenges that might end up with Sanjay losing everything. Would he?

The story has all the elements for a young reader to enjoy reading it. The storyline is fresh along with the names of the cities. They are indeed unique! The characters are well-sketched while contributing a fair bit to the development of the story. Each of them has a flaw that comes forth wonderfully to make the narrative realistic. The writing is surprisingly very well done for a debut work. It is lucid and certainly beginner-friendly.

If you’re bowled over by the title of the book, read it to know the refreshing tale of politics. Politics that surround all of us and is very much true. The thrill and air of suspense kept me flipping the pages. Besides this, I liked how the scattered bits were put together and narrowed down towards a climax. At a length of 400 pages, this book never appeared dragged to me. However, one would find the incorporation of local and crass language in the book annoying. In fact, some of the adult content might leave people uncomfortable.

In a nutshell, I liked this book for a variety of characters, shrewd and manipulative, bold political commentaries, and novel concept of JB (read the book to find out!)

Purchase your copy here Nightwatchman Pvt Ltd

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