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A Higher Conversation: Another Way to Be Human | Neil David Chan

  • Author: Neil David Chan
  • Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers LLC (30 August 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 124 pages

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A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan is a beautiful book that takes one on a ride to understand themselves better. It is essentially an encapsulation of the conversations Chan had with his metaphysical being. These conversations revolved around life, mind, body, soul, world, and so much more. To put it aptly, it is one of those books that hold your attention and provide you with a lot more value if you remain patient and receptive to it.

Spiritual books have come to occupy my TBRs these days. Partly, because I stumble upon them more often and partly, because I am very keen to understand myself and the world better. This non-fiction guide on unravelling the layers of philosophy and understanding its true meaning in finding oneself is wonderful. In this book, Chan puts forth the argument of connecting the three elements: mind, body, and soul to feel free and happy. He says that the key to unlocking one’s fullest potential lies in bringing these three into harmony. He stresses getting ourselves closer to our intrinsic being, something we need now, more than ever.

The insightful read goes on to provide information on the origin of colour and how it is wrong to propagate it to create differences. It also shares some food for thought while talking about seeking the answers within and realising our truer selves. The lucid writing and engaging narrative made up for an amazing reading experience. Not to mention, it is not a teeny bit preachy but a wholesome read on opening up discussion on a multitude of subjects. Isn’t that a good enough reason to pick it up and read?

I really liked the concept building as well as the breaking down of the same in the distinct and short chapters. Moreover, I was thrilled to absorb some fascinating ideas related to mind and soul and collective living. If you’re in search of a book to satisfy your spiritual nerd, read it. If you can afford to be patient and take it, one at a time, read it.

My rating: 5/ 5

Purchase your copy here A Higher Conversation

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