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Teen to World by Arpit Bhatnagar

  • Author: Arpit Bhatnagar
  • Publisher: Bluerose Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; First edition (10 May 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 145 pages

Book Review

Teen to World by the young author Arpit Bhatnagar is a self-help guide on living life and learning along the way. The 19-year-old has meticulously put up some of his personal experiences and thoughts to tell the readers how they should question things, value their originality, and lead with humility.

The book is split into several chapters covering topics such as peer pressure, lies, success, failures, learning, and unlearning things. The fact that a young man has such a novel perspective and positive thoughts to share made me like the book a little more. He talks about sticking to the truth and abiding by principles. He questions the norm of touching the feet of elders out of customs and not genuine respect. The author prods the subject of life and talks about the difference between knowing and realising.

Some of my favourite lessons from the book include:

  • Respect your own respect.
  • No one can help you if you’re not ready to improve yourself.
  • When you face hard times, your will is being tested for better things in life.
  • Mind your actions. You never know when and how you are inspiring people.

The narrative is built well and each chapter ends with bullet pointers containing vital life lessons. The writing is simple and to the point. However, at points, it got a tad bit repetitive. Besides that, it was a fairly good experience with knowing a little bit about the author as well as how he sees the world. It would certainly be a good pick for the teens.

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