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The Bully Named Saul | Eric C Goose | Book Review and Discussion

  • Author: Eric Goose
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 26 pages

Book Review (3)

All of us have must have been subjected to bullying at some point in time. We might have even turned into bullies for deriving the sadistic pleasure. Bullying leaves a deep impression on the affected. And while we continue to discuss its impact, we might also consider why would bully get into hurting others. There has to be some reason, maybe some internalised trauma and unresolved conflicts?

The Bully Named Saul by Eric Goose is a rhythmic narration of the bully and the bullied. The poem follows Saul who thrashes people around him. However, one of his victims musters enough strength to walk up to him and offer kindness. That’s when Saul exhibits some positive change and we know, Eric has succeeded in delivering an important message.

With some powerful and sometimes, violent, illustrations, this graphic novel might evoke dormant emotions and traumatic experiences related to bullying. However, it would also lend a unique perspective by sharing how a bully deserves a chance to be understood. Maybe, they are coming from a darker place. It is important to view the other side of bullying. And that kindness can triumph all the negativity.

It would be a fantastic read for children and adults alike. Bullying is not cool but compassion and empathy certainly are 🙂

Purchase your copy here The Bully Named Saul

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