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Trust U | Jake Staheli | Book Review

  • Author: Jake Staheli
  • Publisher: Independently Published (12 November 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 52 pages

Book Review

These days, I’ve been feasting upon self-help books and spiritual guides. And for some reason, I am still not bored of them. Perhaps, this is just the right time to absorb and assimilate as much for it would all trickle down into something new. I hope so.

Trust U by Jake Staheli comprises his poetry, prose, and his art as he talks about the fundamental concepts of expectations, boundaries, expression, hard work, love, failure, change, etc. The short book brings out the deepest and heartfelt thoughts of Jake that came to him after, as he says, ‘learning with an open mind.’

The book opens us to some of the key ideas that aid in making us, refined humans. Be it well-articulated thoughts on judgement or surrender or some poetic lines on setting and respecting boundaries, the book certainly is a guide one would need to understand themselves and others better. Jake shares how boundaries are really important for self-preservation while embracing failures is conducive to remain on track for one’s success. The book is attractive (thanks to all the artwork), deeply engaging, and motivating.

My only discontent with the book remained to be a few typographical errors which can be removed with a round of editing. Besides this, for some, the book might not be too helpful if you’re already into reading a lot of self-help material. For beginners and mid-level readers, Trust U would be a good pick. In general, if you’re looking forward to reading something uplifting within time constraints, you might give it a try.

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2 thoughts on “Trust U | Jake Staheli | Book Review

  1. II’ve been reading some good self-help lately too, especially about leadership and what it takes to be a leader. the L’Engle “project” I’ve been working on has been very inspiring and uplifting. How unusual because I used to read only fiction.

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