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Elephant Hued | Krishnan S | Book Review

  • Author: Krishnan S
  • Publisher: Notion Press; 1st edition (11 March 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 156 pages

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Humans are complex beings. As they grow up, they become more intricate, with their feelings, thoughts, experiences closing in on them. They continuously search for something they cannot put their finger on. What do they look for? Is it happiness, peace, their beloved, or God?

Elephant Hued by Krishnan S is a delightful story that follows our protagonist, who is looking for their Kuttan. Their companion is no longer around them and they look for them with bated breath and heaviness in the chest. In the journey, their mind vacillates between their past and present, titillating us with sweet memories. What about the mystical conversations and dreamy narration? Would the protagonist find their Kuttan?

When I began reading the book, I found myself slowly being pulled into the life of the protagonist. With their movements, conversations, reminiscences, I found myself closely observing their life. And with every page further, I was more invested in the story. There was a point where I felt restless as to why the story is not opening up to me! But the joy was in the wait. Joy has always found its place in the wait. To me, the end of the book appeared open to interpretations. Because one might not see it the way I did. And that’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Elephant Hued is a beautiful story that meanders through the lanes of magical realism and mysticism. Abound with rich literary narration and thoughtful expressions, this story has the ability to powerfully keep you at the edge. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that it grows on you. The beauty of Kerala and Bengaluru, temple rituals, lily ponds, magical creatures constitute this bundle of wonder. And while I say so, know this, it is not meant for all.

This book demands attention and patience. It demands undivided love and affection. It would want one to dive deep into the story and flow with the pages. Without being hasty and annoyed. Only then you’d understand it.

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