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Small Dialogues, Big Talks | Rosh Nayy | Book Review

  • Genre: Short Stories
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 79 pages

Book Review

Short stories are crafted for pulling the readers into the story and then leave them abruptly to think hard over it. They have this ability to titillate a variety of emotions without giving a full view of either.

Small Dialogues, Big Talks by a young author Rosh Nayy is a compilation of 31 short stories containing a wide array of flavours. Each one has a different taste – sweet, bitter, sour, or maybe something else. What stood out for me was they bear resemblance to simplicity and pick instances from the normal life, and yet, bring fresh thought to the table.

Consider this, a teenager finds her mom making out with her best friend’s mom, a child speaking to an AI because there’s none around, a girl hoping that her father cares for her. These are just some of 31 situations a reader would come across in this collection of stories. They are fun, creative, futuristic, and certainly something a millennial would enjoy.

The writing style is lucid and accessible and in my opinion, has quite a scope of improvement. The narration is to the point and doesn’t bring in a lot of noise. As for the narrative, it appears refreshingly interesting. By the end of each story, a reader would be compelled to shed some thought on it. They cannot simply run away but would have to stay put to think and ponder over the end.

The author has done a decent job at weaving stories with the teen drama, the adulthood difficulties, the old age challenges, the lifestyle of the future world with robots, and introspection about the reality of life and death. Beginners and middle-level readers, go for it.

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