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The Vow | I S Lahiri | Book Review

  • Author: I S Lahiri
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 277 pages

Book Review

Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally and in India, it has gained huge momentum. People would flock to sit in front of televisions to hear the live commentary, they would remain glued to different means only to get all the updates. And if it is an India Pakistan match, the frenzy and madness know no bounds. This situation is the underlying theme of The Vow.

The Vow by I S Lahiri is a contemporary fiction set around a visionary who attempts to bring together cricket teams of two nations to alter their destinies. His past left him disturbed and went on to shape twenty years of his life, for him to go to the depths of cricket and amalgamate it with international politics. And then comes out a tale that leaves our hearts warm and certainly, wanting for more.

The story revolves around some exciting themes such as lust for power, political intrigue, international ties, and corruption. As The Vow takes cricket into account and talks about it at great length, it also involves global politics and how it can affect world decorum. Meticulously woven and cleverly written, the book has realistic characters with compelling agendas that unfold as one turn the pages. It is clear that the author has done a good amount of research to substantiate the story. And, did I mention that there are some gorgeous illustrations?

The Vow has an unconventional narrative that flows seamlessly through multiple storylines. For the most part of the book, I was a tad bit confused with a lot of things happening. However, by the end, everything converged beautifully to give an important message. One that all of us, Indians and Pakistanis, need to learn – we are all one and no hatred should stop us from acting like one force. Cricket is a game that has the ability to bring together two nations. It should promote brotherhood and peace and unity.

It is a book that would demand one’s full attention. Also, it is just part one. The second is to follow soon. If you’re a cricket aficionado and up for some intriguing story, go into The Vow with patience and excitement!

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