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Teenage Chronicles | Saania Saxena | Book Review

  • Author: Saania Saxena
  • Publisher: Europe Books; 1st edition (29 April 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 158 pages

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Teenage Chronicles by Saania Saxena is a self-help guide for teenagers brimming with ideas, confusion, and thoughts. While they are still naive and growing, they also have this urge to be free and independent. What they need at this age is the right amount of affection and support. A friend who understands them. And I believe this book would be their much-needed buddy to get them through the odds of growing up.

Divided into 10 chapters, Teenage Chronicles promises to be a treat for teenagers. The chapters talk about insecurities, jealousy, love, curiosity, happiness, and more. Each chapter has a distinct taste to it that instantly finds the readers connecting to it. The 16-year-old author has done a splendid job of bringing into her experiences, thoughts, and science to churn out a book that never fails to engage with the readers.

Each chapter begins with a storytime that essentially has five relatable characters talking narrating small incidents from their lives. This interesting introduction develops into a full-fledged discussion backed by science and quotes of famous personalities to substantiate the point. While the writing is easily comprehensible, the inclusion of graphics makes reading the book more enjoyable. In addition to this, fun facts and Saania’s checklist are awesome ways to educate readers besides provoking them to think hard over a few things.

I am absolutely awe of how the young author has stepped up and wrote this book. It exhibits her analytical bent of mind and deep understanding of the learning process. Saania has been successful in articulating her thoughts clearly. I would sincerely recommend this book to all the teenagers out there.

Lastly, remember –
Do not compare your behind-the-scenes with others’ highlight reels.

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