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Universe is Yours | Nishant Awasthi | Book Review

  • Publisher: Adhyyan Books (1 January 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Self-help

Book Review

We live by pre-conceived notions and are always reluctant to step out of our comfort zones. And yet, we dream of achieving abundant success in our lives. We are set on finding our purpose but without compromising on living outside of our bubble. What we desperately need is a shift in our mindset. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from this book.

Universe is Yours by Nishant Awasthi is a crisp guide on personal transformation by breaking oneself free from bondage. It is a book for one to traverse the path from an uninitiated mind to an initiated one. It is for you to claim your success. It is for you to read, absorb, reflect upon, and apply to your daily life. It is a book for you to become unstoppable.

Divided into 8 concise chapters, the book talks about different steps to set yourself free. Each chapter essentially busts the existing myths to introduce a fresh idea. For instance, chapter 2 begins by telling how you are bound within the confines of what society told you. However, there is more to life than that. You can be liberated and by the end of the chapter, you get how. Interestingly, each chapter ends with a set of questions to ask yourself and ponder over its implication.

Universe is Yours discusses mindfulness, manifestation, meditation, and dreams. It is a book for dreamers and doers and believers. The book is filled with motivational thoughts and anecdotes from the life of the author. That goes on to make the entire reading experience enjoyable. The writing is simple and accessible and the overall presentation, pretty smooth. This book has positive energy and it emphasises that one can do what one desire.

I suggest one reads it one chapter at a time and think over the lessons. Treat the book like a self-help journal. I believe beginners would love reading the book.

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