Book Reviews

Samvaad by Isha Mridul

  • Publisher: BookLeaf Publishing (8 July 2021)
  • Language: English, Hindi
  • Page length: 55 pages

Book Review

Samvaad literally means conversation. This book by Isha Mridul is a collection of both Hindi and English poems that attempts to capture the humdrum of human lives during the pandemic. It tries to bring in some comfort to its readers within some 50 odd pages with a dose of positivity.

I loved reading Hindi poems more than English. I found them written well as compared to the latter. I could see the honest effort of the author to encapsulate a variety of relatable events and situations from our daily lives. While there is something about love and darkness, there is also something about society and conventions. In the end, it’s a conversation.

My disappointment with the book crept into the initial few pages. I saw heavy words clouding the meaning, I saw words used for the sake of rhyming. There were visible errors that could have been omitted with proper editing. I see potential in the thought of the author. They only need finesse to show it up in their work.

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