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Aghori | Mayur Kalbag | Book Review

  • Author: Mayur Kalbag
  • Publisher: Flipping Pages (31 May 2021)
  • Language: English

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Have you ever seen Aghoris?
Are you interested in learning about different types of Siddhis or occult practices?

Aghoris or Aghora Sadhus are known to be one of the most mysterious sects of Sadhus. Their bodies are smeared with age, rage writ large on their faces. I have seen them and always found them too intimidating for my liking. I have been legit scared of their persona. However, ‘Aghori’ gave me a fresh perspective on the culture of a special group of ascetic Sadhus.

Aghori by Mayur Kalbag is a story of faith and adventure that unfolds into discovering key insights into the lives of enigmatic Aghora Sadhus. Our protagonist sets out on a journey to a remote location to interact with these sadhus and absorb some mantras. This culminates in him becoming much more informed about their culture. His thirst for knowing more takes him places and intrigues the readers thoroughly.

The book reveals some fascinating facts about Aghoris who are otherwise infamous for being hippies, outrageous and eating human flesh. That’s not entirely true and through this book, the author attempts to open our eyes to reality. Be it their eating habits to the process of activation, everything is both intimidating and exciting. Their variety of meditation practises was a joy to read for me. Just like the protagonist, I felt satisfied to uncover some new information for my knowledge base.

Although the book offers some amazing insights, the narrative fails in delivering a thrilling experience to its readers. The story leading up to the protagonist meeting the Sadhus at Kedarnath is bland and not fully developed. While the central plot is unique, the writing and narration missed the mark. There were errors in editing that hampered my experience to some extent. Perhaps, this could be taken care of in future editions.

Besides this, I simply loved the concept of Aghori. If the premise sounds interesting, you may give it a shot.

Rating: 3/ 5

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