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The Artists | Amit Anand | Book Review

  • Author: Amit Anand
  • Publisher: White Falcon Publishing; First edition (11 July 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 318 pages

Book Review

Often it is said that one is a born artist. But I choose to differ. I say artists are made. Behind a day of recognition lay days of practice, dedication, and perseverance. Behind a day of success lay days of toil, nights of tears, heavy hearts, dry tears, and moist eyes. Behind an artist is their experiences, the good and bad, that led them to become the best of their potential.

The Artists by Amit Anand is a story of three individuals – Sahana, Aarav, and Manvita – who are artists in their respective ways. The stories explore their personal journeys that lead them into finding their truest selves. What shines through each story of theirs is how their true calling finds them ultimately, how the rush of life doesn’t pull them into an irrevocable state of despair. These individuals fought tears and failures, only to rebound and smile gracefully.

Sahana finds her heart in Ballet dancing while Aarav goes on to deliver a power-packed music performance that sets him free. As for Manvita, she defies norms, fights odds and miscreants to raise her voice and stand for what’s right. Their stories portray what goes behind the making of an artist. The real stories. The raw stories. Inspiring stories.

Anand has done a wonderful job at conceiving the storyline of The Artists. It is at once unique and yet familiar. To our everyday lives. What struck me was how three characters come together, then recall their backdrops, and then move on the stage to conquer it with panache. For a debut book, The Artists fairs pretty well in terms of lucid writing, well-researched storyline, and coherent narrative.

With a blend of emotions, ambitions, desire to succeed, and unrelenting passion, The Artists stands out with its simplicity and plot treatment that stops a reader from putting the book aside. I finished it in a day and that’s some deal!

For beginners and mid-level readers, it is recommended. Others might explore it if the premise fascinates them.

Rating: 4/ 5

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