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Urban Chronicles 2 by Nita Bajoria – A Graphic Novel’s Review

  • Publisher: Published in India by BEE books (1 January 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 80 pages

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Although I am not much into graphic novels, I always enjoy reading them. It’s fun to see the visuals and read their dialogues while the story moves forward. Graphic novels have a charm that attracts not just children but fully grown adults too

Urban Chronicles 2 by Nita Bajoria is a graphic collection of three stories that revolve around parenthood. Each story has a critical issue that it discusses very well and gives a beautiful lesson in the end. I instantly fell for the pictures that are well-done and evoke a true picture in the reader’s mind.

As the name suggests, all the stories are set around urban families. While Three Women in a Boat revolves around three women of different generations and discusses the dynamics of their relationships with each other, Lost and Found brings forth the evolving nature of parenthood in modern times. All That Matters talks about the most relevant problem encountered with modern parenting wherein parents are focused n fitting into society than paying heed to their child’s aspirations.

The characters of each story seemed natural and realistic and their development was smooth. However, in some parts, I felt things moving too quickly. This might be the right thing considering the crisp nature of graphic novels.

Nonetheless, Urban Chronicles successfully delivers the message of connecting with our loved ones, our family. Neither our parents are growing any day younger, nor the childhood of our children last forever. We should make the most of our time and cherish the blessings of loved ones in life.

Purchase your copy right away!

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