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The Hangover of Choices | Deepa Agarwal | Book Review

  • Author: Deepa Agarwal
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers; First edition (26 December 2020)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 155 pages
  • Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Book Review

Our temporary lives and their fleeting nature gets to us. We wonder how to make the most of one life given to us. In the race to do everything, we rarely pay attention to what our heart truly wants.

How often do we live our lives on our terms? How often do we do things in line with our heart’s feeble voice? How often do we lend ear to ourselves and not the world? How often do we make the choices that reflect us?

The Hangover of Choices by Deepa Agarwal is an intriguing story of Nidhi Verma who is leading her life on autopilot, trying to be perfect and top-notch in everything she does. However, the catch is that none of it makes her happy. Her own choices haunt her in an unusual fashion. So much so that it takes one death to unravel and understand the mystery of life. She finds her life lying in shambles and is mostly found envying her best friend, Ziya, who lives a carefree life. One unfortunate incident changes everything forever. Fortunately, Nidhi gets a chance to witness her life and contemplate her choices.

The book has a refreshing plotline and fantastic writing that pulls the readers in and keep them going. Although the book starts on a vague note and pretty drowsily, I found myself thoroughly enjoying it as the story progressed. Through the fictional account of Nidhi, the author manages to deliver some power-packed lessons on living life while addressing taboo topics smoothly. Yes, infidelity crops up in the book but that aspect only goes to delve deeper into an individual’s psyche and explains the reality of a human heart and mind.

Each character in the book has a crucial role to play that comes out wonderfully. While the entire story had me hooked, the ending left me in displeasure. Despite Nidhi finding her answers, I couldn’t get around Ziya’s life which heightened my curiosity at one point. Nevertheless, I loved how the author has pulled off a lovely show with this book. Not only it picks on critical topics such as sexual desires, it subtly puts forth the lesson of living life for ourselves and not the world and shed one’s insecurities.

Certainly recommended to lovers of contemporary fiction.

My rating: 4/ 5

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