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Where Else You Would Find Me by Melvin Gideon

  • Author: Melvin Gideon
  • Publisher: BookLeaf Publishing (16 August 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 35 pages

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Where Else You Would Find Me by Melvin Gideon is a collection of 20 poems written in free verse that peak for a writer’s mind. Writing by itself is never an easy process. It consumes one, slowly, and once it’s done taking all in, it breathes out a crafty piece. That’s how writing is.

A writer goes through an array of emotions. There’s self-doubt, confusion, thoughts on what others would think, and would they be fair to themselves and their art together. There’s pain, there’s an unidentified emotion; there is a deluge of thoughts, there is brimming ecstasy in motion. Love flows, love glows. Doubt prevails, the show must go on!

Melvin’s poetry contains images of a writer battling with himself on the blank sheet. The poems speak of mental health, cuss about humanity, denials and what-ifs, and finds this longing comfort inside places that seems chaotic but perfectly set, to let out his vulnerability. The writer is all scattered, his mind haywire; yet he’s tied firmly to his words and chaotic mind.

The writer moves to an end – an end that is home, a safe space that lets one be.

If you love reading poems, read this book. Beginners might have a tough time deciphering the meaning of the poems, so I’d rather suggest it to little experienced readers of poetry.

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