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In Silence She Fought | Lucille Navarro | Micro-poetry

Do you feel that you are alone in your suffering? Do you feel that God has been unfair to you? Do you feel things are so bad in your life and you’re drowning that you can never come up and breathe?

Hold on, relax. Know this, you are not alone in this. You are not the only one.

In Silence She Fought by Lucille Navarro is a collection of musings that revolve around hurting and healing. Divided into four parts – At war with yourself, breaking point, healed wounds, and thoughts for tea – this collection comforts the souls that are hurting, for a bit too long, the ones who are slowly coming to terms with their pain, and the lost ones who are forgetting life in everyday routine.

Part 1 has quotes on fighting one’s battles and those with the world. Wars are seldom easy but it is worth fighting them, sometimes. It also talks about acknowledging one’s imperfections and being broken in love. Still trying to keep up a facade. You’re simply being at war with your being. Right?

Part 2 has more to do with heartbreaks and their aftermath. One is nostalgic, bitter, and in pain. One is broken to a point beyond repair. Toxic relationships have eaten one up.

Part 3 is about opening oneself to healing and change. Embrace your imperfections, let negative experiences sink in. After you drown deep in negativity, you’ll come up and that will be your healing. Remember, healing takes time.

Part 4 is about random thoughts on things as mundane as taking too many pictures to make for colourful grids while our inner self is broken and dull.

In Silence She Fought is a decent attempt at making peace with shortcomings and failures, only to soar higher. However, I found it a bit too monotonous for my liking. Perhaps, the collection would have had a few deep content pieces to create a lasting impact on readers.

Nevertheless, a good one time read!

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