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You’ll Always be my Favourite What If by Tshree

  • Author: Tshree
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 365 pages

Book Review (3)

You’ll always be my favourite what if‘ by author Tshree is a contemporary romance novel set around Avyansh and Amisha who have drifted apart due to bitter encounters. The two love each other but circumstances create a rift between them. A distance that lasts for 15 long years before they come together to reclaim their love and be each others’ forever.

To start with, the first half of the book interested me where the tension was slowly building up. The story smoothly traversed the voices of both the protagonists while covering their respective life stories. However, by the time I was into the second half, I found my interest waning. Reason being a cliched storyline that I have come across quite a few times previously. The book took a turn to explicitly show the love-making of two souls united after many years.

Although the story revolves around love and heartbreak, it also brings into focus a few other aspects including infidelity, traditions, cultural values, professionalism, family values, etc. Apart from this, being a debut novel, the writing was fairly good. But only if there were fewer difficult words, the story might have come out well.

While I wanted to admire the characters, I simply couldn’t. The protagonists lack depth in their character sketches. They come off as self-obsessed and dull. Their emotions, more forced than organic. The story did drag at a few places but I suppose, the drag was necessary to create a dramatic effect in the story.

It is a book meant for a specific reader base. The ones who love contemporary romance fiction – high on emotions with a touch of erotica – would enjoy this romance novel.

My Rating: 3/ 5

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