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Des Vu | Swapna Sanchita | Book Review

  • Author: Swapna Sanchita
  • Publisher: Damick Publications (11 June 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Print length; 133 pages

Book Review

Des Vu sounds so much like Deja Vu, right? The moment I read it for the first time, it instantly reminded me of the latter. Love, heartbreaks, nostalgia, deja vu!

Des Vu by Swapna Sanchita is a collection of 42 poems, each catering to a different taste of theme and style of poetry. There is love, longing, self-doubt, pain that comes up well in Sanchita’s words. The writing ranges from free verse to rhythmic to storytelling. We also get a glimpse of modern poetry in this collection. These poems speak for her heart and manage to slightly connect with us, too.

The 42 poems are accompanied by some amazing illustrations. These illustrations caught my eye for their sheer elegance. Some of them complimented the poems so well. Their themes are diverse and relatable as well. For instance, one of them says – “…there used to be two people in a photograph now, we take a burst of selfies.” This line expresses how the selfie culture has grown on us to a point. Another says – “…And if we really were, just the stories we told- Would yours ever be, The one you would choose to read?” This one compels one to question the way they are writing the story of their lives. Is the tune right? Does that make them happy?

Amongst all, my favourite was –

‘But in creeps a worm of doubt
And I let that niggling, wriggling thing
Crawl its way in
Letting it weave its own cocoon
And yes, I know,
It will do all that it can do,
to not let me win
But I can wait a little bit more
Before I begin.’

In all, Des Vu is a decent attempt at sharing honest expressions in the form of amusing poetry. The writing is simple and comprehensible. I wouldn’t say I liked the entire collection but most of them did intrigue me.

If you are in the mood to read some poems, you might pick this one. A recommendation especially for beginners.

My rating: 4/ 5

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