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On a Voyage with the Greats | Satyendra Singh | Book Review

  • Author: Satyendra Singh
  • Publisher: BUUKS Publications; 1st edition (18 August 2021)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 170 pages

Book Review

Indian history is full of stories of brave people. People who fought against injustice, who worked tirelessly towards uprooting injustice from the system, and those who lit the fire of revolution in their distinct ways. Their lives have so much to offer to this generation. Their lessons of simplicity and resilience are worth emulating by us. It is these stories that find a place in the humble abode of this book.

On a Voyage with the Greats by Satyendra Singh is a collection of three notable journeys undertaken by Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, and Subhash Chandra Bose. The three pillars of modern Indian history that contributed significantly in the pre-Independence days and led by example. Their values and actions have inspired generations of leaders. Through this book, we get a closer look into how their lives left an indelible print on our country.

Swami Vivekananda undertook a journey from Vancouver to Chicago in pursuit of knowledge. Along his remarkable journey that took him places, he witnessed the progress of embracing the rest of the world. He wondered how he could bring advancement to his country. This one journey gave him insights and ideas to work on building India in a new light. Gandhi was young when he faced utter humiliation on the platform of Pietermaritzburg but his resolve to change things grew stronger after that. Bose had to travel from Kiel to Tokyo in a submarine reeking of diesel fumes. A journey that went on to define his legacy and although, he couldn’t return to India to end the British rule, he remained a hero forever.

This compilation of stories gave me a world tour with a description of picturesque places and noteworthy events. Singh has done a good job at bringing forth the stories of great leaders and let us connect with them. He rekindles a spark in us to work for the betterment of our nation. The compelling stories are enough to move us into action.

Lucid writing style and crisp narration kept me hooked to the book. I liked how Singh stayed true to the intent of the book and maintained a conversational tone. Anyone can pick up this book and get some amount of historical information and a dose of inspiration.

My rating: 4/ 5

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