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Behind the Blinds | Urvi Momaya | Book Review

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Bluerose Publishers Pvt. Ltd.; First edition (18 July 2021)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 300 pages

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Reading suspense thrillers gives a different adrenaline rush. While they give one a chance to play the detective, it also allows one to exercise their brain muscles. Thrillers, in general, have a way of holding my undivided attention, and I absolutely love a well-crafted story decorated with essential elements to give the joy of a rollercoaster ride.

Behind the Blinds by Urvi Momaya is a story set around Kaira, a headstrong girl and aspiring journalist, who is intent to make it in her career. She bumps into an enigmatic guy, Vivan, who is new to the city of dreams. Kaira helps him with everyday things before falling in love with him. But there’s more to Vivan than what meets the eye. Secrets lie lurking in the shadow. Kaira would have to take the plunge into darkness and unveil the blinds.

Behind the Blinds is essentially a story of Kaira and her self-discovery, tracing her path from a dreamer to an achiever. However, it also throws light on other characters and gives them opportunities to contribute to the plot development. The writing is easy and flows easily with fairly good storytelling and engaging writing. The setting up and gradual progression of the plot is decent. The climax does bring in a dramatic effect.

However, I felt the characters could have gotten a better chance to develop and showcase their finer aspects. While the story is good, it probably needed a better plot treatment to come out well. The narration, although is smooth, leaves room for further dwelling on developing a more nuanced storyline. For a thriller, it is essential for the writing to hook the readers. Behind the Blinds attempts to do that but falls short in fully accomplishing it.

The frequent dialogues make this book a fine read. One might easily finish it in a sitting. If you’re a beginner and wish to read contemporary suspense thrillers, you might check this out.

My rating: 3/ 5

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