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You Are Too Much | Saurabh Kumar Das | Book Review

  • Author: Saurabh Kumar Das
  • Publisher: QGG (1 January 2021)
  • Language: English

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You Are Too Much by Saurabh Kumar Das is a contemporary fiction set around Aarav, Reesha, Arpita, and Arjun. Aarav and Reesha are deeply in love. However, the journey of their fairytale is not smooth. On the other hand, Arpita is in a relationship with her polar opposite, Arjun. The two come together despite differences but the fate of their love is not all rosy.

The story of this book is simple, put straightforwardly, and moves without any complications. The writing is comprehensible and lucid. However, it becomes difficult to keep a track of events in the story because of incoherence and jumpy narrative.

While the characters are realistic, their stories are as close to reality as possible. I didn’t find the central plot compelling enough or unique. However, it fairs well on connecting parallel plots seamlessly with a twist in the end.

A lot continues to happen. But the lack of depth might make one disinterested in a story that focuses on pure love. Fair enough that the story attempts to portray the development of a loving relationship fraught with its own share of setbacks. However, by the end, it is difficult to obtain a substantial takeaway that would leave a lasting impact on the readers.

If you have been a lot into romance already, you might skip this book. But if you are just starting out and the premise interests you, you may give this book a shot.

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