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The Legend of Bahirji-Naik: Raiders of Surat | Shreyas Bhave | Book Review

  • Publisher: One Point Six Technologies Pvt Ltd (14 April 2022)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 346 pages

Book Review

I have read stories of different historical figures. Shivaji has definitely been a part of that reading list. But never before I have read a story on the spies who lead by deception and serve their nation.

The Legend of Bahirji-Naik: Raiders of Surat by Shreyas Bhave is an insightful tale of unsung heroes and their journey of saving Maratha Swarajya from falling prey to destruction. It chronicles the fight of the legendary duo Bahirji-Naik who found support in their apprentice, Shashidhwaj – an orphaned cowherd. Together they plan to loot Surat, a hell-hole of corruption and guile but rich with gold, to replenish the Swarajya’s treasuries and rebuild its armies.

Would they be successful?

As part one of the series, this book opens up its readers to a different world of Mughal rule and the onset of colonial rule. It comprehensively narrates the incident of the Surat raid right from its inception to its execution. There are too many characters but each of them had a clear role to play. Be it Inayat Khan, Vora, Kasim or Raje himself, each character is sketched wonderfully.

What I liked the most about this book was its central plot which is undoubtedly unique and I’d commend the author for his research on the subject. Moreover, the storyline is quite smooth and hooks the reader with a generous dose of adventure, thrill, and intrigue. Although the book looks like the tale of Bahirji-Naik, I found that the main hero was Shashidhwaj and his character development does take more limelight.

With lucid writing and a well-crafted plot, this book will majorly entertain historical fiction lovers. But does that mean others won’t like it? No.

Go for this book if you are keen on knowing about the triumph of Swarajya, the downfall of corruption and guile in the city of Surat, and valour, courage, strategy, and the art of deception.

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