The Core of my Being #Khyaticore

I did this interesting tag on Bookstagram a few days ago. #namecore essentially means talking about your core. So here is a little something I scribbled. Do give it a read 🙂

Is waking up at 5:30 and go out to look at the sky and feel the brush of the morning breeze on my skin. It is about morning walks followed by drinking a cup of tea and soaking in some sunshine. It is a blend of discipline and rash living.


It is revelling in the beauty of solitude but loving meeting people equally. It is being a different version with different people and then coming back home to conclude how I surprise myself. It is reading books for the sheer love of written words and finding pleasure in the company of books while letting myself loose with a notepad and pen.

It is trying to be a good audience for people and making mental notes of their stories. It is living with an absurdly ideal idea of love and still wondering if something like that exists. It is playing songs on loop and obsessing over a thing for so long that a time comes to outgrow it, to never look back at it.

It is living life purely based on instincts not caring if my decisions would be deemed illogical by the world out there. It is being very particular about my boundaries and loving my spirit colour, black. It is hunting for words, stories, and now, some solo outings to please me. It is about loving the heights, being unafraid of lows but most anxious about staying in closed spaces.


It is about not staying at a place or around people where I don’t feel a sense of belongingness. It is about making efforts but also knowing when to let go and move on.

It is admiring the flight of birds and the courage of people who fight their way through odds. It is learning new ways to discover and redefine myself. It is living on extremes and loving pizza and chocolate. It is either giving up on things easily because complications are too much for my sanity. Or not giving up on things because I love them a bit too much.

It is being protective of people I love and fighting against the world for them. It is being in a constant dilemma of what’s right and wrong. It is an urge to live freely and uncompromisingly. It is loving sunrise more than sunset because my entire life is hinged on hope. And if sunrise is not a harbinger of hope and new beginnings then what does it really stand for?

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