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In His Wake | Kris Gade | Book Review

  • Author: Kris Gade
  • Language: English
  • Print length: 394 pages

Book Review

A man is missing and a woman lost her entire family suddenly. The investigators are behind the case but the mystery continues to entangle further. There are multiple stories, and characters, all intertwined in a way or two. How are they going to make it to the other side of suspense remains to be seen!

In His Wake by Kris Gade is a story of pain, revenge, and retribution. The story has multiple layers, each one rendering a new dimension to the narrative. It has familial conflict, betrayal, and pain at its very core. What comes out of the adventurous ride is a heavy heart that finds it difficult to let go.

The Perteus family and its complex equations puzzled me. The more I read further, the more I got entangled in the web of lies, deceit, and vengeance. The surprise element kept me on the edge of my seat and the writing made up for a highly atmospheric thrilling read.

Several stories run parallel to each other throughout the book and come together in the end to deliver a message – If only an individual showed courage to face their demons and grief, a lot could have been avoided. The characters that seem poles apart in their life trajectories find a common ground in the storyline.

Besides, the book vocally talks about homosexuality and gives it a significant space in the narrative. What I liked the most was the refreshing plot and the well-sketched execution that renders it a reader-friendly appeal. Although the length and the sheer number of characters were confusing and tiring, I could not stop flipping the pages. Towards the end, I was restless to find answers to quell my curiosities.

The characters are flawed and real. Each of them gets space to contribute significantly to the story.

If you like crime and thrillers, do check out this well-written book to go on an adventurous ride of connecting the dots!

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