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A Trip to Remember | Aditya Choudhary | Book Review

  • Author: Aditya Choudhary
  • Release Date: August 6, 2022
  • Length: 191 pages
  • Language: English

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A Trip to Remember by Aditya Choudhary is a collection of 11 short stories that reflect upon the reality of the world. These stories have grey areas and closer-to-reality narratives which make them interesting to read and ponder over.

The 11 stories have a unique flavour to them. Each had a different theme, such as love, betrayal, revenge, sexuality, etc. The stories didn’t culminate into a happily ever after but had that tinge of regret and nostalgia we all experience in our lives.

Life is not perfect, not a bed of roses. We don’t get closure, but we learn to live with it. We make peace with it.

While some stories didn’t hold my attention, others lingered on my mind. One of them was Geet where a friend regrets not staying around when their friend opens up about their sexuality. Another was highlighting the life of a struggling writer who is trying to make a career out of words, keeping a stable job at stake. The simple stories of ordinary people strike a chord here and there with the readers and end up indulging them.

The writing is pretty simple and the central plot of each story was a smooth line. I felt that the plots could have been developed with more depth and finesse. They could also have had a better climax so as to leave a lasting impact on the readers.

Nonetheless, A Trip to Remember could prove to be a good companion if you are looking for reading short stories, light in writing and moderate in nature.

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