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Teenage Chronicles | Saania Saxena | Book Review

Teenage Chronicles by Saania Saxena is a self-help guide for teenagers brimming with ideas, confusion, and thoughts. While they are still naive and growing, they also have this urge to be free and independent.

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Where is She by Anas Kamal

Publisher: Notion Press; 1st edition (25 June 2021) Language: English Paperback: 130 pages Where is She by Anas Kamal is the story of Arhan who grows up with troubling childhood. The story follows him from the time he is fourth standard and the years that follow after. Arhan is caught in the web of bad… Continue reading Where is She by Anas Kamal

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Murdrum | Dr Sohil Makwana | Book Review

Murdrum by Dr Sohil Makwana is a dark mystery thriller set around decapitated heads and a sexual sadist killer. It is a story that leaves you shaken with nasty details

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Elephant Hued | Krishnan S | Book Review

Elephant Hued by Krishnan S is a delightful story that follows our protagonist, who is looking for their Kuttan. Their companion is no longer around them and they look for them with bated breath and heaviness in the chest.

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Trust U | Jake Staheli | Book Review

Trust U by Jake Staheli comprises his poetry, prose, and his art as he talks about the fundamental concepts of expectations, boundaries, expression, hard work, love, failure, change, etc.

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What The Pandemic Learned From Me by Anindita Das

Anindita Das presents us What the Pandemic Learned from Me. Comprising 18 open letters that cover a variety of relatable themes, this book would prove to be an ideal companion with a mug of your favourite beverage.

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Poems for a Cause | Vijaya Srivastava | Book Review

Poems for a Cause by Vijaya Srivastava is a collection of musings, poetic and non-poetic, coming from different contributors. These contributors have dedicated their piece to self and others in their lives.

Author Interview

Author Interview | Neil David Chan | A Higher Conversation

In a candid conversation with Bookish Fame, Neil David Chan talked about his book, his writing, his thoughts on being an author, and his future plans.