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5 Confessions All Romance Readers Should Own Up To – Guest Post by Chelsea Parker

If you're a romance reader, don't try to cover it up. Here are 5 confessions you should own up to.

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The Legends Of A Startup Guy – Book Review

The Legends Of A Startup Guy is a tale of a young man Ganesha who is born with a silver spoon but still resolves to come out of the shadows. With his grit and determination, he builds up his own enterprise.

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For the Blood is the Life – Book Review

For The Blood Is The Life is a scary story that has emotions at its core. It primarily focuses on a person grappling with his miserable past and trying to make peace with it.

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Still Loved… Still Missed – Book Review

Still Loved... Still Missed is a collection of 15 soothing short stories and poems which are woven beautifully. In each work, you could identify with the author's penchant for nature.

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GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics – Book Review

'GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics - Book 1 Edition 2018: Volume 19' by Vibrant Publishers is a compact book that comes to the rescue of the GRE aspirants to understand the nuances of Analytical Writing.

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The Nine-Chambered Heart – Book Review

The Nine-Chambered Heart is a compendium of shifting perspectives that follow one woman's life, making her dazzlingly real in one moment, and obscuring her in the very next.