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Diondray’s Discovery (Diondray’s Chronicles Book 1) | Marion Hill | Book Review

'Diondray's Discovery' by Marion Hill is a story of truth, the truth that fights to come out, of an unrelenting desire to stand with the truth, come what may.

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What Goes into a Butterfly? | Sunil Rajagopal | Book Review

What Goes into a Butterfly? by Sunil Rajagopal is a refreshing collection of some lovely poems that span a variety of unique themes.

Author Interview

Author Interview | Joyeeta Chandra | The Told Secrets

In a candid interview with Bookish Fame, Joyeeta Chandra talked about her book, her journey as a writer, women empowerment, and gave some tips for the budding writers too. Read on!

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Faith And The Beloved | Kochery C. Shibu | Book Review

Faith and the Beloved by Kochery C. Shibu is a thriller that focuses on parallel plotlines loaded with violence, violation, rape, love, and betrayal.

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Sunshine Town | Maniissh Aroraa | Book Review

Sunshine Town by Maniissh Aroraa is a contemporary fiction set in the beautiful city of Varanasi. The book sends out a positive message - to work hard and keep hustling until you achieve your goal. Don't give up easily.

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Ashes and Doves | Sawan Winchester | Book Review

Ashes and Doves by Sawan Winchester is a story of Yash who grows up in a toxic environment, with a web of lies, and wishes to change the world - be a writer.

Guest Post

Why One Should Buy Used Books | Guest Post by Ayush Gangrade

Buying used books is a compelling idea. Used books are more useful for students, competitive exam aspirants and novel readers.

Author Interview

Author Interview | Danielle Hampson | Am I On The Spectrum?

Am I On The Spectrum? by Danielle Hampson is a wonderful account of autism and Asperger syndrome. Check out its author's interview here.