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The Lost Arcanum – Book Review

Once you pick up this book, there won't be any turning back. It is actually a page-turner plot that compels you to flip through the pages and widen your pupils. Read the full review here.

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UNREQUITED – Book Review

Love is the vital ingredient of the recipe of our life. It is both sweet and sour and in every form, it possesses a different power.  Read the full review of this book here.

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Legends Over Generations – Book Review

Legends Over Generation by Ashraf Haggag is an amalgamation of stories of several people who, over the time, turned into legends with their sheer determination. Have a peek into their lives with this book!

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Mango People In Banana Republic – Book Review

We all are in the pursuit of who we are and what the significance of our existence is. This quest of truth and meaning fuel our aspirations and lead us in the crowd. Read the review of this amazing book to broaden your perceptions.

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Reminiscences Of A Seeker – Book Review

A book one would love to hold close to his heart to delve into the mystical realms of the paranormal world is this, The Reminiscences Of A Seeker. Read the full review here.