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Want What You Have – Book Review

Dreams are the map of your emotional world, exposing in each dream the landscape of your heart. Rishabh Jhol has exhibited his literary finesse with Want What You Have. Read the full review here.


So Many Books, So Little Time – Poem

There is an unimaginable count of books present out there. The time is running out and a reader has to quench his thirst before time's up! Read how a book is a guide to the soul and a best friend in disguise.

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Want to be smarter?… CARPE LIBRUM!

Each one of us wants to be better than the rest because competition demands it. And what could be better than devouring books to enlighten yourself! Seize a book to become smarter.

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Men And Dreams In The Dhauladhar – Book Review

Dreams are the soul of a man’s life. It is the sole purpose of his existence. It is life, living and everything! Read The Full Review of a riveting book here!