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Still Loved… Still Missed – Book Review

Still Loved... Still Missed is a collection of 15 soothing short stories and poems which are woven beautifully. In each work, you could identify with the author's penchant for nature.

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How I Topped The Boards And You Can Too! – Book Review

How I Topped The Boards And You Can Too tells how does one go about topping the boards—exams that can determine where your life’s headed, your college, your first job…maybe even your first crush?

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Someday…with or without you! – Book Review

Someday...With or Without You is a typical romance novel, set in the city of Bhopal, that begins with a teen girl falling in love with her senior. There are two parallel tracks which seem to be completely unrelated but surprisingly, converge to one point towards the end of the book.

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Natasha Mehra Must Die – Book Review

Someone is slaughtering every woman, girl, and child named Natasha Mehra . . . Which is what Natasha Mehra, the most unpopular girl on campus, discovers. Though she’s always hated her name, she would’ve never imagined that it would be the reason she would be on the run from a gruesome death. 

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The Anonymous – Book Review

'The Anonymous' is a tale of a girl who is tortured to the point she almost dies but still, doesn't lose her will to live. It is about a girl Natasha, our protagonist, who bears the brunt of the past and decides to force past her life through her nightmares.


Read-Along Alert! – Fortune’s Soldier

A Readalong is a fantastic opportunity to read and interact with the people who share the same interests as you and Hachette India is here with a big news! Check the full story out, now!

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UNREQUITED – Book Review

Love is the vital ingredient of the recipe of our life. It is both sweet and sour and in every form, it possesses a different power.  Read the full review of this book here.