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Pentias – Master of the Elemental Jewels | Karthika Sajeev | Book Review

Pentias - Master of the Elemental Jewels by Karthika Sajeev is a fast-paced adventurous tale of friendship, love, and magic. It is a book set in the land of Silandria - a place beyond imagination and beyond words.

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Sangam: The Awakening | Tejaswini Sundar | Book Review

Sangam: The Awakening by Tejaswini Sundar is a fantasy fiction set in the kingdom of Devprastha. In the game of lust for power, prophecies, love, betrayal, and hurt, we find the book taking its readers on an exhilarating ride.

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The Dream Voyagers | David Lyons | Book Review

The Dream Voyagers by David Lyons is a thrilling tale of saving humanity against the clutches of evil. It focuses on Tom, his mysterious friend Anna-Marie, the rainbow twins, a few evil forces, and their fight to protect the underworld.

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The Midnight Man (The Wiccan Chronicles Book 2) | D. A. Barney | Book Review

The Midnight Man (The Wiccan Chronicles Book 2) by D. A. Barney is a book about vampires, werewolves, demons, and malafecs.

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When Elephants Fly (The Fabled Elephants series Book 1) by Alex Dipego – Book Review

When Elephants Fly by Alex Dipego is the first book of The Fabled Elephant Series that has a blend of fantasy, mystery, and some dragon stuff.

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The Hidden Children – Book Review

Shayamukthy cruises through life: shooting hoops, daydreaming and listening to her favourite books. But something isn't right anymore and it begins when a New Girl joins the school. What? Check now.

Author Interview

In Conversation With Author Sarang Mahajan

Sarang Mahajan is the debutante author of the book series INKREDIA. In a candid chat, he spoke about his novel, his experiences as a writer and a lot more.