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The Midnight Man (The Wiccan Chronicles Book 2) | D. A. Barney | Book Review

The Midnight Man (The Wiccan Chronicles Book 2) by D. A. Barney is a book about vampires, werewolves, demons, and malafecs.

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When Elephants Fly (The Fabled Elephants series Book 1) by Alex Dipego – Book Review

When Elephants Fly by Alex Dipego is the first book of The Fabled Elephant Series that has a blend of fantasy, mystery, and some dragon stuff.

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The Hidden Children – Book Review

Shayamukthy cruises through life: shooting hoops, daydreaming and listening to her favourite books. But something isn't right anymore and it begins when a New Girl joins the school. What? Check now.

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In Conversation With Author Sarang Mahajan

Sarang Mahajan is the debutante author of the book series INKREDIA. In a candid chat, he spoke about his novel, his experiences as a writer and a lot more.