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Guest Post | Christopher Keast | Datapocalypse

Christopher Keats is the debut author of the book, Datapocalypse. Here, he has talked in great detail about self-deprecating thoughts from Indie author. Do give it a read.

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Why Do I Invest Money On Books? | Guest Post | Aparna Prabhu

A lot of people asked Aparna Prabhu as to why does she love investing in books? Here are the reasons she gives for loving books a bit too much.

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Top 5 Book Recommendations For Children| Guest Post by Preethi

While everyone is under quarantine, our guest blogger Preethi compiled a list of book recommendations for the children. Check it out, now.

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5 Confessions All Romance Readers Should Own Up To – Guest Post by Chelsea Parker

If you're a romance reader, don't try to cover it up. Here are 5 confessions you should own up to.

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Anger – Not Just a 5 Letter Word by Anindya Rakshit

Just a five letter word and it has enslaved the whole world that we live in today……how incredible that can be……don’t you think….? And yes, anger is our worst enemy.

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Why Is Tamasha The Truest Movie Around? – Guest Post by Nishant Singh Thakur

There is always a getaway, waiting for you out there. You just need to find who you're. There is always hope among all the chaos. Read the candid review of the movie Tamasha.