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The Legend of Bahirji-Naik: Raiders of Surat | Shreyas Bhave | Book Review

The Legend of Bahirji-Naik: Raiders of Surat by Shreyas Bhave is an insightful tale of unsung heroes and their journey of saving Maratha Swarajya from falling prey to destruction.

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Andaman | Ratnadip Acharya | Book Review

Andaman by Ratnadip Acharya captures the lives of political prisoners in the early 20th century. The book spans more than 100 years and runs parallelly between 1911 CE and 2004 CE.

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Yugantar: The Dream of Bharatavarsha Takes Shape 2300 Years Ago | Raghavan Srinivasan

Yugantar by Raghavan Srinivasan is focused on the idea of Bharatvarsha, woven around the second urbanisation in the Gangetic Plains, invasion of Sikandar, fall of the Magadhan Empire, the Sangam period of the South, and writing of the Arthashastra.

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Visions of a Summer Past by Avishek Gupta – Book Review

Visions of a Summer Past by Avishek Gupta is a story that vacillates between the pre-independence times and modern India taking into account different characters and their narratives.

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ASHOK And The Nine Unknown – Book Review

As the realization of the devastation of the Kalinga war seeped in, Ashok decided to dedicate his life towards the betterment of society and try his best to prevent any destruction of life.

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The New Dewtas – Book Review

Neer, the head priest of the Himalayas, is troubled by the horrifying visions in his dream. On Ganga Maiyya's behest, he embarks on a journey to the doomed island of Bali. How will the action unfold?

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Fortune’s Soldier – Book Review

Fortune's Soldier is an apt description of our past which we always think about ruefully. It vividly paints the picture of how the British found their way into our motherland through the passage of trade and settled here to establish their supremacy. Read the full review here.


Read-Along Alert! – Fortune’s Soldier

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