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A Man with a White Shadow | Vikram Suryawanshi | Book Review

A Man with a White Shadow by Vikram Suryawanshi is contemporary fiction with philosophical underpinnings. It starts with Lord Ganesha expressing his desire to land on Earth and eradicate all the wrong and negativity prevalent on the planet.


Live More Than Death

Life is sitting at the edge of burning out and the fear of not living enough is crippling it. Why is it that we tend to realize the value of something only when it starts running away from us? Why don't we love before the remorse of not being able to love enough endangers our… Continue reading Live More Than Death


Nuggets Of Wisdom from The Story Of Philosophy

Here's a list of my favorite ideas from an amazing book The Story Of Philosophy. The book traces the journey of philosophy. It comprises of different thinkers and their mind-elevating thoughts. Read it out!

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Understanding Our Cosmos – Book Review

A subtle narrative, a small bunch of knowledge, philosophy mixed with reality, different theories that have been propagated and explained along with new ones to think over, Understanding our cosmos is a good read. Read the full review of the insightful book here!